How to Love by School of Seven Bells
originally by Lil Wayne

listen and learn.

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When Liam Neeson showed up in Batman


“Is this Taken 2???” -Sharell

but actually…

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the word “lacquer” automatically raises the price of a product.

i end mine with “you da man”

i end mine with “you da man”

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but when’s the last time a guy actually called you just say to say hi?

let’s be real. we are in the 2010s. that doesn’t happen anymore.

cause you’re my dream please come truueeee

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i think girls sometimes over think things.

in my head i’m like “he didn’t text/message/call me because he’s intimidated by my beauty and charming personality”

when he really he’s like “i give no shiiiiits”


i prayed so that means i’ll have a good man landing in my lap by like tomorrow.

god has a pretty quick prayer turnover rate, right?

last night i fell asleep to listening to destiny’s child and reading about james holmes.

let’s just say the dreams were more than frightening. 

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